Miller Engineering Budweiser Neon Sign (HO/O Scale)

Miller Engineering Budweiser Neon Sign (HO/O Scale)
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Anheuser-Busch started in 1860 as a local brewery in St. Louis, MO. Today this brewing company is one of the largest producers of beer in the world. It gained success by being the first beer company to use pasteurization to keep the freshness of the beer, as well as the first company use refrigerated railroad cars to keep beer cold during transport. A must for any layout! This is a limited edition sign. Measures: 6.16” W x 3.24” H.

Miller Engineering’s animated billboards incorporate many new design features such as improved connectors, no painting required, longer life, and stiffer laminations. All animated neon billboard signs are: ready-to-run, paper-thin, produce no heat, and have realism second-to-none. Try one today and you'll be Thrilled! All signs come with a 3 AAA battery pack. Signs draw 95 ma.

Miller Engineering's Billboards are easy to mount on your structure. Simply cut a small 0.75" wide slot in the roof of your building and insert the sign. Use a small amount of hot melt glue or 5 minute epoxy on the topside of the roof, at each end of the sign, plug in the connector and you're done. It's that simple!