What's New


We finally have a new shopping cart provider for our pre-orders!

The address for the new pre-order website is www.amhobbiesonline.com

We are adding items to the new site daily starting with Atlas items that have been announced but not yet delivered.

Thank you so much for your patience and your continued orders as we created a new site dedicated to pre-orders. We've already started removing pre-orders from this website and will dedicate www.jdstrains.com to items that are in stock (or should be - i.e. backordered Atlas track items). We know our casual customers will find it less confusing to have pre-orders located in another site and we hope our regular customers don't mind having pre-orders and in stock items separated. Separating pre-order items from in stock items will enable us to offer PayPal as a payment option on both sites and will also allow us to provide real-time shipping quotes.


  • 11/20/14 We're having a BRASS BLOWOUT sale! Availability is limited, so click on the link that follows to see the deals! [Brass Blowout Sale]

  • 10/22/14 Added Woodland Scenics Buildings & Track Bed products to the Woodland Scenics section. Click on the link that follows to see what's available. [Woodland Scenics]

  • 8/27/14 Added two NEW sections to the website one for New Arrivals and one for items that we only have one item remaining in stock (see the top 2 tabs on the left side menu)

  • 8/27/14 Added some new Atlas F3 Locomotives to the Atlas O Locomotive section. Click on the links that follow to see what's available. [2 Rail] [3 Rail]